“Congratulations on a beautifully crafted and thoroughly engrossing narrative told with admirable equanimity, honesty, and passion.”

Carol Farmer

“I am in awe of your courage at revealing so much about your marriage, your relationship with Naomi, the intimate intricacies of family dynamics. That was before I read the last section, in which you just jumped off the page and into the even more turbulent waters…of sex, love, and theater…Your final story about you singing…’Come Rain or Come Shine’ in the play…with the lights –out thunderstorm, brought tears to my eyes, and it just pulled the whole book, your whole story, together with one fell swoop. Congratulations on that magical accomplishment…”

Winn Kalmon


“Wow! What a stunner. I was drawn in immediately. This book will help other women in your generation who acquiesced to that subservient role.” 

Laurie Weaver

“I feel grateful for your astonishing deep work and honesty, and to find a woman with that glorious power and freedom and vision to love being who she is.”

Ann Mackenzie

“Your lovely book…You are a weaver the way you wove the threads of your life together. The end gave me hope for my own life. I was there for all the ups and downs with you.”

Tiffany Jama

“Well-written and keeps the reader interested to the end…then leaves the reader with much to contemplate in their own lives. I marvel at your honesty, willingness to be vulnerable, your courage to dig through the muck. Your story is not only filled with universal truths for women of all ages but for those of us who were married and had children BEFORE the self-help books arrived on the shelves and BEFORE the women’s movt. Your insights and life experiences have an even deeper meaning.”

Dottie Moore

Fiber Artist

“I loved reading your book, couldn’t put it down…You are an engaging writer and you told your story beautifully…You brought home to me the pain divorce causes grown children. Thanks so much for your openness in sharing your joys, sorrows and struggles as you found your way to a happy life.”

Sang Roberson