I had a reading and signing  of my memoir, Coming of Age: Come Rain or Come Shine, on  May 11 at  Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place in Boulder, Colorado. I still know lots of folks in the Boulder/Denver area from my thirty-six years of living there.  I had informed everyone for whom I had contact information about the event. Shine Restaurant turned out to be a great venue. How could it be otherwise when the name of the book and the restaurant share the word, “Shine”?

We were able to have privacy in the meeting room at the back of the restaurant where  folks could  sit at small tables and order lunch as well as listen to the reading. I had put Ray Charles singing “Come Rain or Come Shine” on my boom box to get people in the mood as they walked into the room.

Around twenty folks showed up for the reading.  Some had already read the book. Those who didn’t have a copy bought one. 

Some of these people I had not seen for decades. Some of my college friends were now widows or widowers. All of our lives had changed  and after the reading, we all spent some  tender moments, reconnecting with one another  and telling stories.