Martha Grossman Book Signing Monologue from susan preston on Vimeo


My monologue, C’est la vie!, is an extension of my memoir, Coming of Age: Come Rain or Come Shine.  It is based on the idea of a chance encounter with my ex-husband at the Zen Coffee Den, site of a book signing.  I fantasize what questions I might ask him if he showed up at the coffeehouse.  Questions that anyone involved in a divorce might ask of an ex.

In the end I realize that the questions may never be answered, that my ex-husband and I have both moved forward and I will ultimately be left with only a question mark.

I was happy to be able to write this monologue because I have always wanted to have an opportunity to get together with my ex-husband for some kind of debriefing about the marriage.  It’s on my bucket list.  I realize that this probably won’t happen, that the opportunity will continue to be nothing but a dream. The closest I can come to it is to write a fantasy about it.